Community Empowerment Center

Certain communities and/or groups have been assigned to what is known as the disenfranchised segment of our society for decades.  EPI’s concept not only assists those groups and communities in “re-franchisement” but also creates true choices of either blending in with the “status quo” that have historically been the disenfranchisors or to create their own path via truly empowered, economically prosperous, healthy and personally fulfilling opportunities for themselves, their families and for other community members.  

The Community Empowerment Center (CEC) is not a project in which the community is a merely participating as a recipient, as is in most projects that provide community programs and services. Rather, the CEC is a project in which the community is both the recipient and the major participant along with EPI in co-creating the CEC concept and development plan to insure the CEC properly addresses the community’s more specific needs.

The goal of each CEC is to grow to be able to fully serve its own community and to be able to assist other neighboring, historically disenfranchised groups and communities in creating the same growth environment.  We feel our concept can effectively assist in creating a new franchise of mutually supportive community members expanding to other communities interacting on various levels for the common good of not only their members, but for society at large.

The CEC is a multi-functional site comprised of five modules:

 Business Center

 Educational Center

 Health Information Center

 On-Site Housing Facility

Multi-Purpose Area

The CEC can be customized to the immediate needs of the community as well as the being integrated into an overall long-range community plan.  Below is a single story artist concept, which illustrates the multi-purpose and multi-functional aspects.