Affordable Housing

Empowerment Projects International

has determined that in order for the world-wide housing shortage to have a reasonable chance at being resolved, a project plan must be developed that is focused on identifying solutions with realistic yet aggressive goals.  This must include an implementation strategy that will enable these goals to be achieved in a time frame with enough homes built to make a difference in the ever-widening shortage.

After aggressively investigating technology alternatives with a primary goal that would allow for significant numbers of  quality housing unit to be constructed on a large scale and in a relatively short time frame, we have chosen the a mortarless concrete block as the primary construction material. The mortarless block is a patented, design that has recently come under focus as a building material for low income housing due to its speed of construction and ease of assembly.  

Unlike traditional cider block or brick, the mortarless block does not require mortared joints for structural integrity and does not need skilled bricklayers in the construction except in laying the first course in mortar on a concrete footing to insure that the structure will be perpendicular and level.

Advantages of EPI’s Affordable Housing System

Transportable On-site Block Manufacturing

One mobile block factory can make up to 1000 blocks/hr. or up to 4 million blocks/year.

Labor-intensive to create jobs with no special skills required

It takes approximately 1200 blocks to build this 42 sq.m. home