Our Core CI Group

Geraldine (Gerri) Kennedy has over 20 years of Computer Engineering and Information Technology experience. She has over 12 years of PC-based hardware and software experience including PC assembly, installation, troubleshooting, repair, upgrade and user systems/software training and assistance.  

Gerri is proficient in installing and setting up local area networks hardware and software (Ethernet).  She has an expert knowledge of Windows operating systems and Microsoft office products. She is an expert tutor/trainer in computer hardware and software in classroom and/or individualized situations.  Gerri has been successfully self-employed since 2008.  She is currently writing on-line courses and putting together topics and the curricula for learning both hardware and software.

Annie Pierce has been a Los Angeles business owner since 1980.  She was the Founder of Community Financial Investment Groups Association, which was featured in the Wall Street Journal on October 15th, 1997.

Since 2009 Annie Pierce been researching natural cancer cures and has since dedicated herself to helping people around the world to GET well and STAY well, utilizing natural and alternative cures and treatments for cancer and other physical discomforts. The non-profit corporation, Youth Publications, Inc. was founded by Miss Pierce in 1979, and is committed to global education, global energy healing, social entrepreneurship, natural agriculture for global natural wellness, the creation of intentional self-sustaining communities, and active participation in the collaborative efforts of humanity to heal its spirit and Mother Earth.

Additional Members