Our Founder

Mr. Moore retired from corporate positions in 1992 to form his own computer consultant company, JEM Computer Consulting (www.jemcomputer.net).  This freedom allowed him to travel to South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in 1995 and return to South Africa 1997 for 3.5 months to explore opportunities in building affordable housing using 100% local labor and building materials available in the local area. He discovered in meeting with high government officials in charge of the various infrastructure development and economic programs programs and projects designed to assist African development were mostly owned by foreign interests and actually did nothing to raise the life style, local economy and well-being of the people. His idea of infrastructure-based projects that would also educate, enlighten and empower the recipients was formed from those discussions and from actually visiting some of those project sites first hand.  He visited South Africa again in 2013 to investigate alternative energy and information technology potential.

He is also the founder, CEO and Chief Coordinator-Integrator (CCI) of Empowerment Projects International, LLC (EPI) (formally World One International, LLC started in 1999) and the creator of the Master Empowerment Project (MEP) concept and project designs.

 James E. (Jim) Moore has over 25 years of high level management experience on programs exceeding $500 Million, managing information technology projects with specialized staff for large corporations including  an 11-year career with IBM Federal Systems Division (where he held a secret clearance),  and other high tech firms such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Pactel Teletrac and Rockwell International. He is proficient in all aspects of business management including project planning and development, organizing, preparing budgets and schedules and managing all phases and aspects of project life cycles.