Project Development

The EPI Project Development Strategy is to understand and analyze the Project Recipient’s problems/needs from a unified perspective.  Multi-faceted infrastructure projects are usually implemented by a combination of different departments and/or developers with their main interests and/skills in their own “specialty” project areas and component(s).  This fragmentation creates  redundancies / oversights / excessive costs, producing sub-optimal results.

EPI utilizes a tightly coordinated and integrated process, spanning across all project areas due to our multi-disciplinary team. This process consists of the following steps:

  1. Identify the major project components and the scope and extent required by performing an     in-depth Feasibility Study  
  2. Assess the results to create a Multi-faceted Master Empowerment Project Concept
  1. Create the MEP Development Plan (infrastructure) and MEP Business Plan (commerce)
  2. Implement both plans simultaneously to insure empowerment and economic self-sustainment

Feasibility Study

   Perform a Detailed Assessment Activity

Our Project Development Approach