Project management

Project Management is a formal project life cycle administrative process applied to the planning, development and implementation stages of the our projects which include specialized activities, tailored to the nature and to the extent of the project requirements and plans  The list below highlights a few of the major activities.


  1. Design/engineering coordination
  2. Construction methodology and staging
  3. Project cost and budget analyses
  4. Materials/equipment procurement approach and logistics management
  5. Cost control accounting systems
  6. Cost reduction approaches
  7. Develop project development personnel departmentalization and job specifications
  8. Evaluation of major project risks
  9. Project master schedule generation and “roll out” plan of development
  10. Project coordination mechanisms including sub-contractor coordination
  11. Progress/problem reporting systems
  12. Change order procedures
  13. Document control procedures
  14. Preparing subcontractor selection criteria (priority will be given to community-based businesses in the subcontract award process)
  15. Review of submitted engineering plans and/or drawings by architectural and/or engineering subcontractors
  16. Quality assurance program generation
  17. Contractor performance evaluation criteria
  18. Project security provisions
  19. Project job safety practices and insurances required by project prime and subcontractors
  20. Labor relations practices and training procedures
  21. Project close-out procedures

Life Cycle

Project Management Activities