Project Strategy

EPI’s main strategy is to create multi-faceted projects/programs that not only satisfy the project requirements, but also form highly integrated and coordinated solutions. These solutions are designed to be free from any particular industry pre-established guidelines, or other special interests.  We then, combine the various components into what we call a Master Empowerment Project (MEP).


All EPI projects and programs have aspects of empowerment in 3 areas:

     1. Project perspective (planning, development/maintenance/administration)     

     2. Business perspective (employee/entrepreneur)     

     3. General  perspective (life skills, health education, primary education)

Our primary focus at the start of a project is to understand and analyze the Project Recipient’s problems/needs from a “Holistic Perspective”.  This approach alleviates the usual fragmentation caused by injecting different understandings and objectives which can create redundancies/oversights/excessive costs, along with sub-optimal results due to a lack of coordination and integration.

The EPI, LLC Master Empowerment Project concept utilizes local, native-owned businesses and individuals in all stages of development and administration whenever possible.  

The Goal of the MEP is to develop Infrastructure-based Empowerment Projects that not only raise the physical living standards of the community, but also includes financial self-sustainment components combined with realistically attainable economic growth potential.

Empowerment Is Key