Dirt roads are still the typical surfaces used for ground transportation in developing countries around the world.  The cost to surface these roads using asphalt or concrete is prohibitive.  

Our eco-friendly road reconstruction technology provides the equivalent to four inches of asphalt for approximately one-fifth the cost.   

The  process is simple: spread a special ecologically friendly compound onto the existing natural soil and then compact the soil with rollers to thereby transform the soil into an all-weather natural soil pavement driving surface.


Road Construction

Advantages of our technology are numerous including:

1. Increases the strength of existing dirt road surfaces to 5 times the strength of asphalt.

2. Dirt roads meet performance specifications for paved roads.

3. Transform the existing soil into an all-weather traffic-bearing surface.

4. Design roads using the in-place soil.      

5.  Uses readily available equipment.     

6.  Reduces programmed maintenance by 75%.

7.  Workability with a wide range of soils, including fine sand

8.  Highly elastic and water and pothole resistant